Whether you're attending one of my workshops, or curious about the tools I use, below you'll find my watercolor materials list.  Happy painting.

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Karen Ramsay Watercolor Material List

soft lead pencil    2B, 4B  or 6B

mechanical pencil 

kneaded eraser

waterproof black fine tip marker  

sketchbook  90 lb or more weight paper

tracing paper pad 

palette ( plastic or metal, with a cover )

watercolor paints ( tube paints • artists or professional grade • it will make difference! ) 

suggested colors: cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, cerulean, sap green, viridian, aureolin,  new gamboge, raw sienna, burnt sienna, cadmium red or scarlet lake, alizarin crimson or permanent rose

additional colors: quinacridone gold, neutral tint, indigo, lunar black

personal favorites: bring along!

watercolor brushes   #8,10 or 12 round and your favorites

watercolor paper    cold press 140lb  9 X 12” or  larger  ( blocks, spiral or single sheets )

water container

masking tape ( drafting or artists tape )

drawing board • masonite or gator board ( to tape down w/c paper )

small spray bottle ( you will need to keep your paints moist )

paper towels ( Viva is great! )

bag of rice or beans ( keeps your board at an angle for painting )

photo references to paint from ( topics vary for classes )

have a black and white and color 8.5 X 11” copy, per image


Watercolor Sketchbook Journaling

travel watercolor set

water brush and or travel brush

waterproof black fine tip marker

pencil - mechanical and or 2B

kneaded eraser

watercolor sketchbook ( 90lb or more weight paper )

portable light weight stool or chair